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ANDRES R. noted on Google

Very good thai food. Maybe not as good as the real one but i love these kind of restaurants in this district that always surprise me. Went for chicken curry, some noodles and a soup and everything was very good. The service was ok and the prices too. I ll propably come back when around.

4 years ago
黃筱婷 noted on Google

It's a quite nice place for Asian. Cheap and nice quality. A great place to go when you are homesick. Try the dumplings , meats and sushi!!

6 years ago
Taylor R. noted on Google

The infamous line was up and running, but that didn't stop us from eating "the best ice cream in Paris", no. And it was the best ice cream in Paris. No, In France. No...Probably in the world. Had Chocolate and Amaretto Praline. Le boyfriend had hazelnut and salted caramel. After tasting all four, the chocolate and hazelnut combination is the manna of the gods. Better than sex. Really. Even better than like that one really amazing time (you know the one). Really.

6 years ago
Off Roads and A. noted on Google

Great service, great food, very clean. Interesting reviews I see, I usually go to the one in rue Daniele Casanova, yet, when they are closed, I come here as it is the same company. I have never had an issue on either.

7 years ago